Setup with freeDEXover GUI

The settings of freeDEXover stored in freedexover.xml file.
This allows setup the program to meet your needs without code changing.
Editing the XML file can be made in Windows Notepad, or in a specialized editor of your choice, or by freeDEXover GUI - GUI programs designed specifically to easy setup.

freedexover.swf file designed to placed in the Internet and viewed with Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher.
freedexover.exe can be viewed under Microsoft Windows without Adobe Flash Player installed.


Click on the viewing area and drag, the object will rotate in accordance with your movements.


Download freeDEXover GUI, unzip the archive into your own place (freeDEXover GUI requires no installation and runs from the location where you unzipped it).

Run the program and follow the instructions given for each step of setup.

Setup is divided into 3 main stages: options setting, selection of images for each horizontal and vertical rows, publishing of project. All settings are similar specified in
[ Detailed setup manual ]

After you save the project, freeDEXover is fully configured and ready for display on computer and publishing on Internet or for integration into other web projects.


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